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Get ready to explore 50 mines, which range from maze-like labyrinths to enemy infested free for alls. Along the way you will encounter dozens of enemies, but will they stand a chance against your secret weapon, dynamite? Blast your way through obstacles, and unlock some secret characters on your journey. Are you a bad enough dude, or dudette to make it to the end?


Move: Arrow Keys

Dynamite: Z (in place) X (Last direction moved)

  • Move: Arrow Keys or Left Mouse Click
  • Dynamite: Z (in place) or X (Last direction moved) or Double Click
  • Kick Dynamite Forward: R
  • Walk in place: L

Features Added/ Bugs Fixed
Press Start Logo at Title Screen
Two Dynamite limit
walk in place/aim
kick upwards not working
Credits for beating game
explosion sound
Time delay between bombs
levels can lock if you play a lower level

Added but still needs work:
tutorial messages
walking speed
Character Select/Unlock + unlock messages + Dig with Mole
Align character select

Features to be Added:
A way to kick with touch
Level Select with touch
Menu to exit level with touch
Resolution Fixes

Known Bugs:
Scale changes when you exit level back to level select
dynamite sometimes explodes on spawn
Level randomly completes sometimes shortly after you start
Collision detection wonkiness (ie bouncing off walls)

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run DDude4.exe for the latest version.


DDude4.zip 17 MB

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